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How it works

The source VS2010 solution consists of 5 separate projects. A conceptual diagram is shown below:


The projects are:
  • SLMapViewer.Web: The web container ASP.NET application. Its sole purpose is to read the web.config file and feed the parameters to the SLMapviewer map control
  • SLMapviewer Demo: This is a Silverlight application which just serves as the container for the map control (SLMapviewer project)
  • SLMapviewer : The Silverlight map control. Sends and receives asynchronous request to SLMapViewerController
  • SLMapviewerController : The ASP.NET application where all the hard work is done via the xml.aspx page. Its this page that accepts the requests from the map control, calls the MapServer class project to perfrom all the mapserver specific tasks and returns the response to the SLMapviewer control. This is where the mapserver binaries should be located
  • MapServer : A class project containing all of mapserver-specific functionality (zoom in, out, query by attributes, zoom to selected, etc)

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