What's new in 1.0.1

Project Description
SLMapViewer is a map viewer for MapServer, the open source WebGIS . Contains all the standard tools you would expect to see in a commercial WebGIS along with some more functionality to allow you to use it either as a standalone map viewer or embed it in your applications.

'Normal' Mode 'Kiosk' Mode
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SLMapviewer is developed in ASP.NET and C# and is based on the MapFlash Viewer Framework by Paolo Corti.
The MapFlash Viewer Framework created a Flash container for rendering maps and in that implementation the supported map servers were MapServer and ESRI's ArcIMS. If you want to understand the way SLMapViewer works it is strongly suggested you read the MapFlashViewer ASP.NET implementation first

SLMapviewer is basically a morphing of the MapFlash viewer, focusing squarely on MapServer with some added functionality such as:
  • Selection tool
  • Select By Attributes dialog
  • View current Scale
  • Add/remove point
  • Legend Control
  • Measure tool
  • Hyperlink button
  • Print

You can use it as a standalone Map viewer or use it as an embedded map component in your applications as we do at Gaiocorp.

You can see a running demo of SLMapviewer as a standalone application here or as embedded in a Fault Reporting System here

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